Elastane (Lycra)

Covered Elastane (Lycra) by Stretchline UK.

Elastane was developed as an alternative to rubber in the 1950's and is a thermoplastic polyurethane synthetic fibre. The unique property of this elastomer, as a result of its randomly coiled polymer structure made up of a mix of stiff and flexible segments, is that it can be stretched 500% or more without breaking or permanently deforming. Giving it the well known characteristic of the ability to revert to its original shape after being stretched. Elastane has the highest stretch tension of all textile raw materials.

The surface is soft and so conforms to other shapes, which makes it grip and stick. Therefore, when used in garments it is typically covered, or wrapped, or concealed in a sleeve. Depending on the elasticity and proportion, it can be engineered with verying degrees of tension from body-hugging to compression. Elastane is most commonly blended with other fibres, such as wool or polyester. It is either combined by weaving, or knitting, or it is wrapped in another, non-elastic fibre, known as covered or core-spun.

1/52 Nm.

This yarn is a covered Elastane, covered with a polyamide yarn (to prevent it pulling out of the fabric).

Helpful Hints:

Ideal for welts and ribs, for best results lay into fabric; if knitted must be positive fed or yarn will reach its elastic limit and break.


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