Dissolvable Solvron

Nitivy's Solvron® yarn.

Multi-Filament PVA (polyvinyl alcohol).

Solvron is a synthetic yarn of the Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) family. It is easily dissolvable by plain warm or hot water with no aid of any chemical agents, because of its ready solubility, Solvron itself is not usable for ordinary wear apparels. 

It can be used in a number of ways including, for reinforcement or support of low-strength yarn in creating pile, as a separation yarn (draw thread) for knitwear.

Dissolving Guide:

To ensure quick and even dissolving, heat up the water to a needed temperature first and then submerge Solvron directly into the hot water.

If it is placed first into cold water, under tension-free status, and water temperature is raised gradually, it will start shrinking without breaking or dismembering. As the temperature rises to a needed degree, only then will it dissolve away in hot water.

Dissolving Process:

Solvron - Water/Heat - Swelling - Shrink - Dissolution - Dispersion.


Solvron® SF.220 - dissolves at 55oC up. 220 dtex (1/45 Nm).

Solvron® SS.110 - dissolves at 30oC (cold water) up. 3x110 dtex (1/30 Nm).

Solvron® SX.330 - dissolves at 55oC up. 3x330 dtex (1/10 Nm).

Solvron® SHC.750 - High Shrinking Yarn at 25oC. Dissolves at 90oC up. 750 dtex (1/13 Nm).

Solvron® MH.750 - High Shrinking Monofilament. Dissolves at 95oC up. 3x750 dtex (1/4.5 Nm).


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