Viscose fibre is manufactured from chemically extracted cellulose and was the first man-made fibre. Manufactured in the 1890's, it was developed as a low cost alternative to silk. It's also known as artificial silk or Rayon.

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material that is derived from renewable sources. Naturally occurring polymers, such as cellulose and protein, are chemically extracted and converted into filament yarns. The cellulose may be derived from many different types of raw material, including wood, bamboo and cotton.

Visose has a lustrous surface quality, which is the reason it is used to mimic natural fibres like cotton and silk. It feels soft and drapes well, has slightly better elasticity than many other plant fibres but is weaker than a natural cellulose fibre, although still has a higher tenacity than wool. It is highly absorbent and unlike synthetic fibres, viscose does not melt and so is suitable for high temperature pressing and ironing. 


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